Baudelaire's products with their natural, high quality ingredients and craftsmen origins have people talking, and our products and/or story have appeared in:

Vogue, Country Living, Health, Absolute, Upscale, Organic Style, Oprah Magazine, Victoria Magazine and House Beautiful among others.  


Right from Fellow Customers to You..

Our customers have a few things to say, too.  Here is a sample of their much appreciated comments.

Longing for Our Soap!  Margi wrote to us for help in locating our Provence Sante soap after her local shop was out of stock "..we have had to buy other soap but longed for the days of using your soap."  We got her lined up with her favorite soap again - and answered a question or two for her about dyes and the natural ingredients found in our products. 

Hey- Is that really you?  Kim noticed the change to our honey soap and we confirmed that we changed the mold recently, and it is really us! Kim wrote back "It is my absolute favorite soap ever.  So glad it's still the same soap just a different picture."

You like us; you really like us..  Valleri liked the customer service she received from our service team.  "Now that's great customer service!  I know a good personal care company when I see it...I thank you so much for taking care of my husband's soap needs..he refuses to use anything else!"

It is Our Duty to Supply!  Maddy from that country up north didn't let the border get in her way.  After some emailing with our customer service department,  "Received your products..LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!"    That is three "loves", in caps!  Thank you, Maddy.

A bit more formal but delightful..  Al sent us a formal letter of recommendation and we are delighted.  "I am delighted with my order. I have now found the ideal guest bathroom/powder room soap.  I am pleased with your efficiency in handling my order as well as the speedy delivery. I've entered your web-site in my bookmark listing under gifts." 

Memories of travels- We know what you mean..  Susan wrote to let us know how perfect our soaps are as both client and personal gifts.  We loved the travel connection she highlighted in her comments.  "Your soaps are lovely, and remind me of my wonderful trips to Provence."

New House? We will find you!  Our service department helped to track down product that was headed to the 'old' address and get it to the new house.  Pranav was appreciative and we were glad to help.  "Love your products and now am also a fan of your customer service. Thanks!"

What more can we say?  Thank you, Debbie.  We agree.  Debbie wrote to us "I bought your soaps while on vacation in Charleston and loved them.  I was happy to find your web page and to be able to order more products.  These are the best soaps I have ever used and am a lifetime devotee."



We welcome hearing from you directly, if you are so inclined, and hope you will visit our Facebook page too.