PS Shower Gel Vetiver 10.2oz

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A cedar-like aroma distilled from the roots of an Indian plant. Used throughout Europe as a soap in the shower or for a luxuriously bubbly bath. In a bigger and better new package, and now with only natural ingredients for color.

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3 Reviews

James Weinberger Mar 21st 2019

Love the fragrance!

I wish there was more lather. I’m a hairy guy and this tiny bottle isn’t gonna last a week. I’m sure this product was developed for a woman but the scent is masculine. Reminds me of going to a barber when I was a kid.

Jeanne Martin Mar 7th 2018

Great all year long

I love this scent! I bought it years ago at a little boutique in Colorado and I've been ordering it ever since. Vetiver is is fresh and clean but not so overpowering you can't add a perfume or other fragrance later. On one order, the package did not contain the pump, but it's been included on all the others. That particular time, I still had the bottle I was replacing so I could use that pump. I agree, the shipment should always include either a pump or change the cap to a toggle.

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