PS Men's Shaving Soap Green Tea 3.5oz

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Green Tea - A light refreshing fragrance - sophisticated and subtle…, not overpowering. Glycerin, shea butter and luzenac are blended in a smooth vegetable base with essential oils to enhance razor glide.

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2 Reviews

Michele Sep 15th 2017

PS Men's Shaving Soap Green Tea 3.5oz - Awesome!

My husband has been using this shave soap for a long time - can it be ten years? He loves the moisturizing lather (hooray for shea butter!) and we both enjoy the fresh scent. Thanks for another wonderful product!

Lawrence Vian May 20th 2016

Shaving soap

I like the old fashion method of shave prep. This soap creates a frothy foam on the brush. It stays that way on the face. when nice hot water is used to make the lather it is the most refreshing feeling. This company used to sell the pottery bowl and brush combination. I wish they still did that. It was the best system for this soap application.

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