PS Men's After Shave Green Tea 3.4oz

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Green Tea - A light refreshing fragrance - sophisticated and subtle…not overpowering. No matter how high-tech your razor, you still want to do your face a favor and give it a nice astringent splash after you shave.

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4 Reviews

Rick Moreno Aug 7th 2019

What happened to the product?

I have been using this product for many years and I have loved it until now. For some reason, it has been delivered with a strong off-color and diminished fragrance. The quality of the product is demonstratively diminished! I Informed customer service and all I got was that they would tell the manufacturer. What happened to good old fashioned customer service. I think at least a deep discount is warranted - because I have resolved that I would buy it one more time - if the quality is as dismal as the last one, I would stop buying it altogether.

joe May 13th 2017

Rating of Green Tea After Shave

I have been a regular user of the after shave for at least 6+ years. It became my favorite after shave because of its pleasant and non-intrusive scent and the refreshing and soothing feeling at application

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