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These guest-size soaps feature the same pure vegetable base, moisturizing shea butter, and Provençal fragrances that have made Provence Santé soaps so popular—in a size that's perfect for guest rooms (or even to take with you on the road.) Linden is a light, enchanting fragrance from the linden, or basswood tree.

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3 Reviews

Victoria Cam-Tu N. Tran Jun 27th 2018

Homemade and from Provence Sante soaps--Review for Linden Guest Soaps

50g of Provence Sante soaps, to make conversation from experience of using up by soaking in water of Provence Sante trademark very fragrant soaps that dry over bouts of time like warehouse keeping them like treasures making them ancient...kept for a long time because they are decorative as beauty items...or dry from, sometimes, once you get to the core sheerly from naturally using them up too often and over-wetting and wicking-drying / water run-off drying of the soap: conversation has it that: 50g melts equaling to about 2 jars of dispenser handsoap (!) when mixed entirely in-blocks crumbled with water until it is a silky smoothness with, honest to say, a beautiful pearl-esque shine and makes it ever-so fragrant, like once I soaked some Provence Sante Orchid soap, that seemed archive-grade in dryness. Consider this.--Using the Linden Guest soap, to me, has always seemed to last a long time, about a month out of the year, by record keeping experience, I guess for the last most recent three years. Now, with this valuable to-do idea in mind, one must appreciate even more, and enjoy that the bars themselves are quality Triple-Milled--how these soaps, if we do indeed simply touch by hand and lather, must really do last a long time and stays with us.

Victoria Cam-Tu N. Tran Jun 26th 2018

Provence Sante the Linden Guest Soaps

I quickly opened the box of Linden Guest soaps. Yes, my favorite, in Linden, again. That makes me the new, quite content, loyal customer of this all. All twelve bars, fits in the box, guaranteed! I was wishing, waiting for my order, that it merely isn't my luck this time, that the two free bars not only be this time--no, it will be the case that the two free bars to total twelve total will be this exact order of Linden Guest Soaps. Smells of kittens that live outdoors good and healthy, just kidding. Like I said before..."the Smell of France" the like :) Smile included, because I'm finally catching up with technology and online emojies, punctuation used to make face-like expressions. ;) Nice going, Baudelaire! That's an emojie of me smirking, saying "I got it" .

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