PS Gift Soap Vetiver 2.7oz

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Provence Santé Vetiver Gift Soaps are triple-milled French soaps made the traditional way, by blending the ingredients and then passing them through heavy steel rollers three times in order to create a rich, long-lasting bar. In addition to a pure vegetable base and natural fragrances, they feature shea butter, a healing and nourishing oil rich in vitamins A and E, known as the "white gold of Africa." The cedar-like aroma of vetiver is distilled from the roots of an Indian plant and enhanced with notes of pine, cedar, geranium, and rosemary.

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1 Review

Victoria Cam-Tu N. Tran Aug 30th 2016

Smell of Vetiver soap

Lathering well is important. At first, after using a little soap, my hands did not smell that impressive, but after I learned to lather really well to bring out the smell and the shea butter, my hands smell like Vetiver! Get a little soap on your hands, and remember to lather really well.

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