PS Big Bar Bagged Linden 12oz


Linden - The enchanting fragrance of linden (basswood) tree flowers, with traces of violet and honey. The bar that made us famous, wrapped and ready to go in an environmentally-friendly clear cellophane bag sealed with a simple label.

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Jess Oct 19th 2020

Big bar Linden soap

Exceptionally long lasting soap, and the perfect balance of good cleaning power and a moisturizing finish. Not one of those soap that will turn to mush or disappear too quickly. Linden is my favorite of the Provence Santé fragrances, and layering with it makes me super fancy!
- a self confessed soap snob

Kathy May 26th 2020

Big bar linden soap

The best luxury soap I’ve ever used. Luxurious and the scent lasts a long time.

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