Honey Soap Goat's Milk 3.5oz


Our bestselling goats milk and honey soap with a luscious fragrance that features a hint of wild rose. Triple-milled for a luxurious, long-lasting bar with a rich, creamy lather. Made in Vermont.

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Elizabeth M Weaver Oct 29th 2020

Honey Soap Goat's MIlk

I purchase this soap each fall for family and friends. It is a perfect stocking stuffer or "small gift". It is a repeat "Please give me the soap." The soap is a blend of cleanliness, moisturizer and indulgence. When my local store closed, I spent a lot of time trying to find its source. success!

Gigi Sep 14th 2020

Honey Goat Milk soap

This is the creamy a soap I have ever used. It feels luxurious!

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