Honey Soap Goats Milk 3.5oz - 2 Bar Gift Box

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Beautiful William Morris inspired packaging for our bestselling goats milk and honey soap with a luscious fragrance that features vanilla orchids with a hint of wild rose - two bars per box.

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3 Reviews

Patricia Rich Sep 29th 2020

The Honey Goat Milk soap...I feel that I was destined to try this soap. I like the light fragrance, and believe that it is lightly moisurizing. Baudelaire exelled when they formulated this soap.

I have paid the price for this luxurious soap, and recommend it to my guests.

Biskin Lee Oct 3rd 2019

The only soap I use

I have been using this soap for years, and it is about time I left a review. Most soaps dry out my skin, but his one is the perfect balance between cleansing and moisturising. Pair it with one of Baudelaire's natural sea sponges, and you now have the most luxurious shower or bath. The smell is delightfully fresh, but not overpowering (and I am highly sensitive to overpowering smells - they give me migraines). It is the perfect size as well, gets used up prior to it drying out. I cannot recommend this soap enough.

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