Cedar 2" Hand-held Complexion Brush

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The Japanese know that you don't just bathe to get clean - you do it to stimulate circulation and good health. This 100% boar-bristle brush fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and features exceptionally soft bristles to deep clean (and refresh) your face and neck. And it's irresistibly cute!

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1 Review

Jan Jul 13th 2015

smoothest cheeks in town!

this new purchase is a replacement for a brush that i purchased many many years ago and am still using.... the old one seems to be in good shape, but if i compare it to the new one--which i have not, as yet--i'm sure i'll see that the soft bristles have worn down a bit and the base is a bit discolored from moisture over all these years. no telling what might be lurking within that bristle forest.... so when i saw this recent email from Beaudelaire, i realized that i need to replace this brush as soon as possible so that i can maintain my healthy complexion for many more years. (It's already almost 81 years old, as it is....) ;)

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