Sisal: From Succulent to Spa Accessory

Sisal—we can’t get enough of the stuff! Soft, sustainable, and durable. It’s a fiber that was meant for the spa. Sounds wonderful, right? But you might be wondering: Just where does this stuff come from?

Sisal is actually part of the agave plant family. A hardy succulent, sisal sports long, almost sword-like offshoots with long, stretchy, cream-colored fibers along the outer leaf.

Thanks to its reputation for robustness, sisal is used to make things ranging from footwear to rope, and has even been incorporated into composites for construction. The beauty is how smooth and gentle its texture is at the same time. It’s a secret that dates back centuries; even the Aztecs and Mayans relied on it as a key ingredient for cloth and paper.

While the rewards are remarkable, harvesting sisal requires hard work. It’s a process that includes gathering the leaves, scraping and crushing them to extract the strongest fibers, cleaning away leftover debris, and drying what’s left in the sun. The cycle is constantly repeated as the plants grow quickly and flourish year-round in the right environment.

They love to grow where it’s hot and dry, making Colombia, South America a perfect locale. There, you’ll find Bella Crin, a family-run women’s collective we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with over the last several years.

We love to share behind-the-scenes stories like theirs because they illustrate two things we’re extremely passionate about: quality and authenticity. Bella Crin is an exceptional blend of both. They specialize in knitted and crocheted items like the sisal body scrubbersisal and horsehair bath gloves, and sisal bath sponge that we’ve incorporated into our lineup of luxurious spa accessories. Not surprisingly the response from bath-lovers like you has been amazing.

It comes down to craftsmanship. Bella Crin hand-knits and crochets each and every one of their items with natural sisal fiber, leading to decadently smooth skin when you get your scrub on. But why do natural fibers, like sisal, make such a difference? Glad you asked!

It’s because eco-friendly, natural accessories offer optimal exfoliation without the downside of synthetic materials, which can contain irritation-causing ingredients. And, let’s face it—are SYNTHETIC! Rather than run those risks, we strongly encourage people to experience the feel of a handcrafted sisal sponge.

Though market trends have swung this way and that during our more than 30 years of business, we’ve always kept our products as natural as possible and focused on partnering with creators who use traditional, time-honored methods. They’re the ones who know the secrets of true quality, and Bella Crin is no exception.

If you’ve never tested the secrets of sisal for yourself, it’s worth the upgrade. Toss that synthetic scrubber and give this super succulent a chance.