Moya Aiken: The Artist Behind Our Bespoke Loofa Boxes

You’ve probably noticed the gorgeous new packaging for our Loofa Soaps (and if you haven’t, go take a look!). A product this unique requires equally special wrapping and in order to project the beauty this series deserved we enlisted the help of Moya Aiken. Moya’s art perfectly captures the essence of this beloved collection.

Moya is an artist based in Connecticut and despite the distance between her studio and our offices, we still like to think of her as a local artist. Just as we like to celebrate the natural origins of our product ingredients, we also celebrate the amazing community with which we surround ourselves.

Originally from Manchester in the north of England, Moya has had a storied career leading up to her collaboration with Baudelaire. From London to New York to Essex, Moya has made her mark on fashion and textile, television, and interior design before now running her own studio. Her eclectic background is apparent in her designs as she works effortlessly with multiple mediums. Although her work primarily focuses on oil and graphite, for Baudelaire she explored the use of watercolor in order to express the aquatic origins of the product.

Beginning with the design for the Sea Loofa fragrance, Moya experimented with layering the soft watercolors in order to capture the movement and depth we think of when imaging the ocean. The result is brushstrokes which seem to dance across the small canvas like seaweed caught in the tide.

The biggest challenge to design was the Nilla box. How do you use the natural colors of the product to create an inviting parcel when the primary color is fairly bland brown? By playing up the subtle citrus notes of the Nilla bar Moya was able to introduce a bright yellow to the design. Combining the sunny yellow with the earthy tones of vanilla creates a warmth often felt by the scent of vanilla itself. You can practically smell the bar when looking at the box!

It was important that all four box designs be cohesive and clearly part of the same collection, while also being individual to the different fragrances. When you’re familiar with the scents you recognize the nods to its origin, but if you don’t you simply see a beautiful watercolor. Did you notice the subtle silhouette of a leaf on the Loofa Mint box or practically smell fresh pumpkin pie when you saw the Loofa Spice box?

Moya’s playful work manages to let the uniqueness of each bar stand alone while creating harmony when all four boxes are displayed together. Whether you’re treating yourself with our Loofa Soap or presenting them as a gift, the exceptional artwork sets them apart.

Each box design was hand painted to scale as its own small, individual artwork rather than miniaturized from a larger painting. Each stroke and curvature of color was specially made to be viewed and shared in its final format. Therefore, when you buy a Baudelaire Loofa Soap you’re also buying one-of-a-kind miniature piece of art.