AC Eau Fraiche R of Rose 1oz (op)

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A light refreshing spray evoking a fresh bouquet of flowers with top notes of rose and geranium as well as fruity facets such as raspberry. 96% organic ingredients.

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2 Reviews

Biskin Lee Oct 3rd 2019

Absolutely Lovely

The smell is delightful. Rose is one of my favourite smells, and one of the most difficult to produce. Well, Baudelaire has done it again! Without a hint of artificiality, they have created a light sent that is balanced perfectly and manages to last all day. As someone who is highly sensitive to smells (most perfume gives me migraines) this one is just perfect. Do not be put off by the high concentration, the base someone provides the perfect balance. It is just delightful. And it transitions perfectly from day to night.

Victoria Cam-Tu N. Tran Jul 18th 2017

Acorelle Eau Fraiche R de Rose Review

My long-awaited perfume--I got it! And in its classic bottle complete with picture of the rose on the glass. The organic wheat alcohol must work wonders with the R de Rose scent, because though percentage-wise in perfume content yes it is lighter than the Eau de Parfum perfume strength...this perfume in Eau Fraiche strength miraculously seem to adhere quite well and seem to last even longer. The initial spray preciously smells pleasant the few seconds it takes to recognize the scent that is essentially that and same as the strong perfume strength like the R de Rose in Eau de Parfum / its floral smell. Signature quality.

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