AC Eau Fraiche Bamboo Lotus 1oz (op)

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Bamboo Lotus is composed of varied notes including lemon, bergamot, orange, and tangerine. Its initial notes are zesty and soft while its after scent is lengthened by a soft relaxing woody chord combining patchouli and cedar. 96% organic ingredients.

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1 Review

Miriaim Dec 17th 2020

Bamboo Lotus Eau Fraiche

Most unusual scent. At first I did not care for it. Does not last long on the skin. But after 5 days of use, I have warmed up to it's scent. I smell citrus with bergamot, and a slight under tone of sweet tobacco. Perhaps a preference for men. After it has been on the body for 20 minutes or so, it totally changes on me to a clean mixture of citrus fruit scents and the tobacco scent has dissipated.. But it still does not last more than 3 hours.

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