Sponge Wool Boxed Large 5.5in

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Slip into the bath and start soaping yourself with a natural sea sponge, and you'll understand why it's a perfect bathing accessory. Natural sponges produce extraordinary lather and cleanse most excellently. Wool sponges are the traditional soft, sensual, luxurious bath sponge used since the heyday of the Roman Empire by bathing afficionados. Now in an award-winning box.

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7 Reviews

Andrew Ho Mar 17th 2020

The only one I buy

The absolute best sponge. Don't waste your time on the other brands from Amazon.

Biskin Lee Oct 3rd 2019

Best Sponge on the Market

Not only is this sponge ethically harvested, but it is of the highest quality. I tried quite a few sponges before realising that Baudelaire (from whom I have purchased my soap for years) also sold sponges. It lasts for a very long time and does not require a lot of soap that then goes unused. It is light, dries quickly, and is the best choice for the environment. Turns every bath and shower into a luxury experience. I highly recommend.

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