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Provence Santé Linden Gift Soaps are triple-milled French soaps made the traditional way, by blending the ingredients and then passing them through heavy steel rollers three times in order to create a rich, long-lasting bar. In addition to a pure vegetable base and natural fragrances, they feature shea butter, a healing and nourishing oil rich in vitamins A and E, known as the "white gold of Africa." The light, enchanting fragrance comes from the flowers of the linden, or basswood tree, and is enhanced with traces of violet and honey

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Palm oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, iron oxide color, fragrance.

2 Reviews

Victoria Cam-Tu N. Tran Aug 29th 2016

Smell of Linden, in combination of Vetiver

I put a bar of Linden gift soap, together with a bar of Vetiver gift soap, in my room near an open window. When I walk into my room, I can smell this new scent in my room, reminisce of Chanel No. 5.

I was so happy with my initial purchase, I ordered a big order, with my sister, eight bars of Linden soap, together with more Provence Sante soaps.

I am in love with Linden.

Mary Aug 22nd 2015

Linden soap

I really like this scent, and the soap lasts for a long time. I first bought this soap in a shop in New Glarus, WI. The last time that I went there, they did not sell it anymore, but they gave me the name of the soap. I'm so glad that I found you on the Internet. I will buy from you, again.

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