chuck.jpgCharles Baudelaire (or "Chuck" as we call him around here)  is known  throughout the  world as one of the greatest  French poets of the 19th  century. He was radical,  brilliant,  and obsessed with all things  sensual; so much so that, with  other poetic  friends, neighbors, and  hangers-on, he formed  the literary group known as "The  Decadents"  (and proud of  it.). Folks like to say that he led a cynical and despairing  lifestyle, but he could sure write a poem.

 "There are as many kinds of beauty as there are habitual  ways of seeking  happiness." -Charles Baudelaire.

His best known collection of poems, Les Fleur du Mal or The  Flowers of Evil was published in 1857, followed by a second edition in 1861.  He died in his mid 40's from the  complications of a stroke.  He left his  mark.  For a fuller version of his life,  see our blog post, Who Was Baudelaire Anyway?