What the Heck is Triple Milled Soap Anyway? And Why Should You Care?


The name Triple Milled Soap speaks for itself, really. As it is manufactured the soap is passed through a milling machine of smooth stainless steel rollers. The soap is passed through the machine not once… not twice… but, you guessed it, three times, and pressed into a smooth fine paste.

Why Triple Milled?

The goal of all this milling is to thoroughly mix the soap and any fragrances or extra ingredients added to the soap base, while squeezing out any extra moisture or air. In truth, Triple Milled Soap is sometimes put through the milling machine more than three times. Mill the soap too many times, though, and you wind up with a dry, less desirable final product. Getting it just right is a bit of an art.

The soap base used in Triple Milled Soap is the same basic recipe used to make all soaps. Mix a fat or oil with an alkali salt (lye), and a chemical reaction occurs called saponification - resulting in soap! It’s what happens after saponification that gives Triple Milled Soap its charm.

The Charm of Triple Milled

What is that charm? Simply put, Triple Milled Soaps contain less water and more actual soap creating a long-lasting hard soap. How many times have you picked up your soap from its dish, only to find a messy blob? This will never happen with Triple Milled Soap! Less goop, richer lather – that’s Triple Milled Soap.


Are Homemade Soaps Triple Milled?

Don’t try this at home! A number of homemade soap recipes are called French Milled Soaps. But don’t let the name fool you. This soap is made by a two-part cooking method called hand milling or re-batching. No expensive milling machine, no triple Triple Milled Soap.

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"Delightful Cleansing!

Baudelaire Lavender soap is the closest to real lavender fragrance I've ever found, The gentle, but luxurious cleanser is a pleasure to use."

-One Happy Customer

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