AC Perfume R of Rose 1.7oz (op)

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A light refreshing spray evoking a fresh bouquet of flowers with top notes of rose and geranium as well as fruity facets such as raspberry. 92% organic ingredients.

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1 Review

Victoria Cam-Tu N. Tran Jul 18th 2017

Acorelle Perfume R de Rose 1.7oz

I'm glad my return order was still possible with this perfume...sadly, my big order of soaps next order is not going to be 24 bars of Provence Sante guest soaps in my favorite Linden for $7.50 a box. Ah well, maybe I'll still get Linden in some other batch for my needs when I run out. Maybe I'll even try the Fig for awhile. Anyways, still plenty happy with this perfume. I actually am getting my second bottle before my first one ran out, because I had extra money to fit my under-$50 and $7.50-shipping-and-handling order and I had then not yet run out of supply of Provence Sante soaps and needed only 1 more box, not yet 6. From last year's experience, I think I go through and use up about 3 boxes of 4-bar 50-gram Guest Soaps each year if I use them the same time with about 3 bars of 100-gram soaps. Love them. Love them even more when I have rose perfume and not have to rely on the smell of soap lasting. While I wash is wonderful enough. What I love about Acorelle is I feel so almost nourished-ly good when I know I'm spraying organic ingredients on my skin. I do use some perfume that is not organic and good for you...but then, I'd have to spray it on my clothes, which is not 100% bad, because your clothes will then smell of perfume for a long time afterwards. For linens, Provence Sante is available through Baudelaire with their perfume sprays that I haven't read whether or not they have organic ingredients, where Linden, my favorite Provence Sante soap smell, is among them, and would suit linens, but for me wearing a rose perfume on me, myself, Acorelle is both a beautiful scent, as well as a really good product to perfume spray on one's skin. I can't even come to begin to express how much I love my perfume...this. You know I know alot about roses. One time, I found something out from an accident. Once, while fruit-picking oranges off a tree with a big picking tool, the big pole of the tool broke part of a branch on my Arizona rose. and one of its branches got split down lengthwise apart. There was a partially-opened bigger-than-a-bud-sized rose on the branch so I waited to enjoy the rose until it was spent, instead of pruning the whole broken thing away, immediately. ...Well, something happened! And you have to know a little about Arizona rose to appreciate what happened. ...You see...Arizona rose is a Grandiflora Rose that has orange colored roses that only have about 10 petals in total count and has close to no smell. But, hear this, what accident happened brought about something incredible!--The branch, not the one holding the rose, but the next one closest to it, that branch got spliced (split) down the middle and must have got air into it...and then!!!--the rose that bloomed had 50 petals, I counted!--the rose that bloomed smelled oh-so-strong like out of nowhere and out with and from its essential oils and rose perfume smell like an perfume oil factory...but natural, from nature, and an accident. Because of the nature of the accident, I have not repeated any of my own artificial unnatural splicing anywhere on any branches next to branches that are holding a rose starting to bloom...though now I know how it is exactly done. Now I just buy perfume "...Of Rose"

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